Institute of Art Design + Technology
Dún Laoghaire

Daniel Clarke 

BSc [Hons] Applied Psychology

My name is Daniel Clarke and have recently completed my undergraduate degree in Applied Psychology. I have a particular interest in neuropsychology and abnormal psychology. As I have a background in music I decided to conduct my research on how personality traits influence preferences in music. My postgraduate goal is to complete further study in the areas of neuropsychology or potentially use my knowledge of psychology in a technology setting.

Project Description

Music, with its diverse genres and styles, serves as a powerful medium of cultural expression and communication. Understanding how personality traits influence music preferences can be beneficial for developing personalised music recommendation systems, enhancing user satisfaction, and deepening our understanding of the psychological processes underlying musical engagement. Knowledge in this area can also inform targeted marketing strategies, therapeutic interventions, and even contribute to broader discussions on cultural practices and individual well-being. Consequently, the goal of this study was to investigate the relationship between personality and music to identify predictive patterns to develop music recommendation systems and refine our understanding of psychological mechanisms shaping musical preferences.

Project Objectives

This study aims to investigate the influence of personality traits and audio features on music recommendation accuracy, focusing on intellectual curiosity, aesthetic sensitivity, and specific auditory characteristics. By analysing the relationship between these variables and music ratings, this research seeks to understand patterns that enhance understanding of how individual differences shape music preferences. Additionally, the study aims to contribute insights into the design and optimisation of personalised music recommendation systems, aiming to improve user satisfaction and engagement by tailoring recommendations to individual personality profiles and audio preferences.

How do personality traits shape music preferences and their implications for personalized music recommendation systems?

This study builds upon prior research investigating the relationship between personality traits and music preferences within recommendation systems. The present study uses data from the BFI-2 questionnaire and the Music Master application from the original study by Kleć et al. (2023). Employing a cross-sectional design, this study examines the influence of intellectual curiosity and sensitivity to audio features on music ratings. The findings of this study indicate that certain personality traits, specifically intellectual curiosity and sensitivity to audio features like tenderness, significantly influence individuals' music preferences. Additionally, it was found that while intrapsychic elements (representing internal psychological factors) did not show statistical significance, behavioral aspects of musical preference did, indicating a noteworthy distinction between psychological predispositions and observable behavioral patterns in music evaluation.