Institute of Art Design + Technology
Dún Laoghaire

Clóda O Loughlin 

BA [Hons] Interaction + User Experience Design

Hi there! I'm Clóda, an interaction and user experience designer from Kerrry. My main passions are physical interaction design, user research, user testing and app design. My interests consist of designing for the female user experience of menstruation- products, marketing, education- as well as mental health. My main goals as a designer are to design for good, design for change and to always strive to make the most enjoyable and beautiful user experience for the users.


BodyWise is a design intervention which creates a fun, gentle, interactive learning experience for primary school children to learn about menstruation and the female puberty experience. Menstruation education is generally not very engaging or inclusive for all children in the class, this can breed stigma and shame. Bodywise aims to tackle that stigma and shame by introducing a more enjoyable, open learning experience. The project is intended as a HSE and Department of Education initiative that will be rolled out to all primary schools nation-wide, tacking the inequality in current menstruation education nation-wide.

Menstruation Marketing- The female experience of menstruation and period product advertising through the lends of Tampax.

My thesis focused on the female experience of menstruation and period products. I conducted research around the history of menstruation and period products, giving context to the current societal treatment of menstruation. Using Tampax as a benchmark of period product advertising throughout the modern history of period product advertising, I analysed the imagery, wording, depiction of blood, women and products in the advertising. I then conducted rich primary user research through focus groups in order to highlight the female experience of period product advertising and how it actually made the women feel. I used all of this research to then draw conclusions about what needs to change in the period product and menstruation industry to tackle the stigma and shame that is rife surrounding the topic. This thesis aided me in deciding on the topic of menstruation education for my major project.