Institute of Art Design + Technology
Dún Laoghaire

Fionn McArdle 

BA [Hons] Visual Communication Design

Hey I’m Fionn, a versatile designer who loves to create unique, impactful visual experiences. Image making, editorial design, motion, and working with analog media are areas central to my design process. I enjoy visualising compelling ideas and strive to bring an element of personality, curiosity and experimentation to every design challenge. I’ve strong visual communication skills, and I'm equally effective working solo or collaborating with others. If anything catches your eye – please get in touch!


FRAMEWORKS is an activist group campaigning for the use of unused buildings as pop-up spaces for creatives to work, exhibit and perform in. It provides resources and information enabling the transformation of these unused spaces, and access to a network of creatives with aligned intentions and a collective identity, facilitating the contribution of diverse initiatives, approaches and ideas under one unified vision.

Decoding a Dublin Institution: A Visual Analysis of Irish-Italian Chippers

My thesis explored the historical, cultural, and visual influences that have shaped the contemporary image of Irish-Italian fish and chip shops in Dublin. Through an analysis of branding, signage, architecture, design, symbolism, and promotional strategies, the study aimed to decipher the intricate layers of meaning embedded within the visual representations of these chippers. By investigating the intersection of tradition, authenticity, and cultural identity within the branding efforts of Irish-Italian chippers, the thesis argued that their unique visual identity has played a pivotal role in their defining ‘Irish-Italianess’ and attaining institutional status within the Dublin communities they operate.