Institute of Art Design + Technology
Dún Laoghaire

Hannah Jones 

BA [Hons] Art

Hannah Jones is a visual artist currently based in Dublin, Ireland. Her interdisciplinary practice uses sculptural installation to explore questions around heritage, placement and sentiment. She makes sculptural works using cob, a traditional building material composed of topsoil, sand and hay. Her work also includes sound and video projection. She has exhibited in, The Place Project, IMMA Studios, Dublin (2021), Open Studios, Bard College Berlin (2022), Open studios, Monopol, Berlin (2023), In the making: Aorta, Pallas Projects/Studios, Dublin (2024).

Project Description

My current practice explores the built environment and how our placement within this affects us, examining the link between physicality and being. On the Karst is looking at the connection between our past architecture (round tower, a defensive structure) and water (feeling-based) using cob. The forms used within my practice create a tactile and atmospheric quality to the space they inhabit, inviting viewers to contemplate the connection between place and sensory perception—be it smell, sound, feel, or air quality. I aim to question how placement within the installation space affects us, hoping to challenge viewers to consider the symbiotic relationship between the sensory and physical. My project is highly process-based, the labour needed to create cob is key to the work. Cob is traditionally a building material made of topsoil, sand and hay. It must be mixed by hand as the weight of the material would break machinery, the walls of my tower have also been plastered by hand. Through my research, I explore how heritage, traditional skills and environment contribute to belonging.