Institute of Art Design + Technology
Dún Laoghaire

Molly Doyle 

BA [Hons] Art

Molly Doyle is a Wicklow based video artist. Her work is based on research and observations of the people within her community and their lived experiences. Her work is responsive and observational, investigating the people around her and how their passions are influenced by their upbringing and cultural environment. Through her work, she explores tradition, religion and feminism and their role in shaping communities and people. Her video Submission was exhibited in Pallas Projects/Studios as part of In the Making: Spleen (2024).


This work is inspired by growing up in a family immersed in music and my father having played the uilleann pipes for over 30 years. I have always been fascinated by the uilleann pipes and traditional Irish music. As an artist I have admired the dedication of those who locally keep the tradition alive. The uilleann pipes is a particularly interesting instrument due to its complex form and unique sound. I decided to start documenting local music sessions and investigating the uilleann pipes this year. I began by interviewing my father about his experience with traditional music and his instrument. Then I started to record local music sessions and approached key figures in the culture such as uilleann pipe makers. I have used my father’s personal experience to narrate and guide viewers through the piece. Compiling all this footage together, I have constructed a celebratory video piece documenting the people who have an intense and admirable passion for keeping the tradition of Irish music alive.

Challenging Patriarchy: The Genesis of Early 1970’s Performance Artists, and Their Resistance to Patriarchy.

The aim of my thesis is to understand how feminist art performance retaliated against the patriarchy in the 1970’s, and how politically charged feminist performance work came to be. This thesis investigates the political climate and feminism movements that influenced the works. Through understanding the feminist art performances that came before them, a comprehension of how the artists retaliated against patriarchy, through indoor and outdoor performances can be gained. This thesis will analyse the techniques used by the artists and how it relates to the themes of feminism. Writers and academics who were concerned with work of this time, and the political climate, will be analysed to aid an awareness of the implications of the works as well as the political climate for women during this time. Through thorough research an in depth understanding of how and why these artists retaliated against a patriarchal society is outlined.