Institute of Art Design + Technology
Dún Laoghaire

Chris Byrne 

BA [Hons] Creative Music Production

Prior to attending IADT's BA in Creative Music Production course, Chris graduated from BCFE with a Higher National Diploma in Contemporary Music Performance while being 1 of 10 students selected to attend a week-long intensive band camp in Hammelburg, Germany, and performing an original song at the closing showcase. With experience in musical teaching in guitar, bass, drums and ukulele, Chris expanded his skillset into the world of Music Production, which shortly became a passion of his, while also delving into the world of live sound and audio-visual events as a freelance worker. Furthermore, videography has become a recent feature of his Music Production works.

Project Description

This project looks at how a service in audio and video can be best represented online through website creation and user experience while also highlighting the benefits of freelance workers and their offerings to musicians through multiple skill sets and cost efficiency. Furthermore, aspects of social media regarding promotional trends are explored, which can be included as an audio-video package for musicians, which can further expand the service.

Project Objectives

The aim of this project was to produce a set of considerations that can contribute to best representing an audio-visual service online. Literature was explored concerning the psychology of web design aspects such as colour, shapes and fonts, along with common best practices of existing website layouts. This was then compared with other websites in the field of audio and video. Audio and video content was also created in line with proposed service offerings, along with short promotional videos concerning social media trends, specifically TikTok.

Project Outcomes

The project outcomes are disclosed at the end of the "Thesis Explainer" video above.

Thesis Title

What Considerations Can Aid in Best Representing a One-Stop-Shop in Audio-Video Service for Musicians?