Institute of Art Design + Technology
Dún Laoghaire

Shona Duffy 

Design for Stage + Screen

Hi, I’m Shona! I am a Character Makeup Designer and Artist graduate with a desire to create and a passion to bring my designs to life. Art has been a mode of communication and expression for me and how I view the world my entire life, this then translating into my makeup. My knowledge and skills range from that of beauty makeup, research, moodboards, to SFX makeup. I adore working with the individuals in the makeup chair, getting to know them, keeping them comfortable, and working together as a team to create something truly beautiful.

The Hunters Moon

The Hunters Moon, O R Melling, is an Irish tale of two cousins adventure to find the mythical land of the fairies. Along their adventures Findabhair is taken by the Fairy King, Finvarra, connected by fate and name. Leaving her cousin Gwen to fend for herself across the rolling countryside of Ireland, overcome the cunning trickery of The King, discover the warrior within, and meeting friends along the way. The adventures coming to a head at a mighty battle to save Tír na nÓg from the giant beast, Crom Cruac. The piece takes you on a magical journey from Dublin to the Burren, Co. Clare, a place close to my heart as I grew up in Clare and spent many a Sunday jumping along the limestone pavement. I took on the challenge to create a varying cast, with a total of sixteen looks, to show my ability to design, create and produce a cohesive piece. Moving forward this piece will stand as a testament to my skill and ability to work as an independent designer.
To have the honour to bring a true sense of self and home into my work is something many artists strive for, I believe I have done this.

How Art Impacted The Seven Demands of Feminism in Reference to Artists Judy Chicago and Rupi Kaur, Through The Lens of Menstruation

The aim of this thesis is to identify and examine the seven demands of feminism, outlining the history of feminist liberation and waves of feminism that influenced the work of two artists, Judy Chicago and Rupi Kaur, with reference to society’s views on the menstruating body. Research and analysis is conducted on two selected pieces of work by Chicago and Kaur, in an effort to see how varying medias of art have made an impact on shifting societies perspectives on the natural process of menstruation, exploring how contemporary society reacts to menstruation in contrast to decades prior, with major focus on the 1970s and 2010s. Throughout this thesis I will be revisiting the unmet demands of feminism, to further communicate the necessity for change and continued activism for equality. This thesis considers an overarching question: is art merely something beautiful or can it hold a statement part as of a larger conversation in our society?