Institute of Art Design + Technology
Dún Laoghaire

Rebecca Helena Mc Connon 

Design for Stage + Screen

Rebecca, is a dedicated designer, specialising in Costume Design for Stage and Screen. She demonstrates a profound passion for costume design, character illustration, and puppetry. Her skills extend across various disciplines, including sewing, sculpting, illustration, design and collaboration She engages in networking with professionals, attends workshops, and seeks hands-on experience to enhance her skills.

Ozma Of Oz

Rebecca chose the text “Ozma of Oz “ from the Oz series for her Major Project. In L. Frank Baum's book. Dorothy returns to Oz with her new companions Tik-Tok and Billina to embark on a quest to rescue the Queen of Ev and her ten children from the Nome King's captivity.

The chosen character is ' Princess Langwidere' , the only remaining royal in the land of Ev , She never leaves the castle and stays in her vanity, admiring all 30 heads she has collected and changes with her own .

The overall concept, was heavily inspired by the works of Brian Froud’s illustrations and films such as ‘Crimson Peek’ and ‘The Dark Crystal’.

“Hell is a Teenage Girl” Understanding the Portrayal of Girlhood through Modern Horror Films (from the 1990s to the early 2000s)

Changing bodies, unfamiliar bonds, and relationships, the sexualization of young girls, and blood that appears: Is this what girlhood is all about?
In this thesis, I have explored the challenges and uncertainties that teens face during puberty through the lens of the horror films Ginger Snaps, Jennifer’s Body, The Craft, and Carrie (2002). To show how these horror flicks from the late 1990s to the early 2000s, in turn, act as a mirror to the societal culture surrounding this period of girlhood. This phase of teen hood is an unpredictable and anxious time, which I can draw as a comparison to our teen protagonists in the narratives of these horror movies.
I aimed to achieve this with the use of scholarly texts and ideas and how this reflects on the existing societal perspective and feelings young girls are met with, such as the idea of being sexualized at a young age, Navigating through Menarche (A girl's first menstruation), and the relationships teenager’s form. With the aim of getting clarity on the idea of girlhood and what that means for the development of oneself and how teenage girls mature through this period.