Institute of Art Design + Technology
Dún Laoghaire

Moya Woods 

BA [Hons] Art

Moya Woods is a Dublin based artist specialising in acrylic and oil painting. Her work is highly influenced by the Eastern coastline of Ireland. Her work arises out of the many research photographs she takes while exploring the coast. She is fascinated by the sea and all things connected to it. Her work explores human-made objects found along the coastline and reimagines them in abstract settings that echo the sea. She participated in the IADT show In the making: Aorta at Pallas Projects/Studios in 2024.

An exploration and examination of the irish Eastern coastline and the human made objects that are along the coast.Project Description

All my life I have been fascinated by the sea. John Masefield’s rhythmic poem “Sea fever” with its repeated “I must go down to the seas again…” resonates deeply with me. In this project I wanted to explore an element of humanity’s relationship with the sea, that of anchorage. By focusing on this idea many questions emerged. What is it that anchors us to the land but allows interaction with the sea? Are these objects markers of time, or ways we can utilise the sea? I examined these questions by working on birch wood panels, using both acrylic and oil paint. In some paintings the abstract background represents the sea and the light layers of paint allow the wood grain to appear, giving another dimension to the sea. In others, the scenes are flattened to create a sense of calm and tranquility.

The importance of Art as an independent discipline in enhancing and supporting the governance of Ireland in the 21st centuryThesis Title

This thesis explores the benefit of having an art representative within the Irish government. In doing so it examines the idea that art is biobehavioural, that it is a natural human behaviour and creating art is a primal behaviour. By saying art is a behaviour it implies that art fulfils a need in humanity, and it serves a purpose. From this view point this thesis will explore aspects of art in society. This research will look at socially engaged art practices and diverse ways art has had a positive impact on society. It will then propose the idea that the Irish Government could develop a greater appreciation of art and use the benefits of art. This should then assist and enhance the overall governance of Ireland. One of the roles of Government is to try to meet the needs of the people and by suggesting art serves a need, the government could benefit from a greater involvement from the arts. This thesis looks at the possibility and strengths of having an artist in a permanent position in the Seanad (one of the houses of government).