Institute of Art Design + Technology
Dún Laoghaire

Ema Devcic 

MSc User Experience Design

Hi, I'm Ema. I posses a strong academic foundation in multimedia and design complemented by years of practical experience in task management and collaboration. In my academic journey and professional experiences, I have developed proficiency in design thinking, user research and service design principles. This has equipped me with the skills and mindset to tackle complex problems by putting the end-user and stakeholders at the center of the design process. My research project examines the influence of social accountability within progress tracking applications.

Project Description

This research study examined how the incorporation of social elements influences user engagement and behavior within progress tracking applications.

Designing for Social Engagement: Evaluating the Effectiveness of Social Features in a Progress Tracking Application

Goal setting and planning are part of our everyday lives, both private and professional. Goals are the first step towards planning for the future and play fundamental role in development of skills in various aspects of life. In an era dominated by social connectivity and social interactions, the integration of social features within mobile applications has become a prominent trend. The addition of social elements introduces a new dimension, allowing users to connect with their peers, share their accomplishments, and collaborate towards common goals. Understanding how social elements influence user behavior and engagement within these applications is crucial for optimizing their design and maximizing their impact on user experience.