Institute of Art Design + Technology
Dún Laoghaire

Heitor Laforga 

MA Design for Change

Hi! I’m Heitor, an MA Design for Change graduate, designer and creative leveraging design for good and visual communication to promote and inspire positive change. I am interested in editorial and visual design and enjoy working across print and screen. My work blends visual storytelling, research and strategy. This is my master’s final project and the culmination of livid experiences, beliefs and the world around me.

Imaginary Borders - Spatial Subversion & Cultural Resilience

In the backdrop of a globalised world, characterised by unprecedented mobility and interconnectedness, the new age of migration demands a nuanced exploration of borders. Beyond their conventional role as territorial boundaries, borders emerge as dynamic entities influencing the everyday lives of individuals. This study seeks to unravel borders under a new perspective and a historical legacy lens, offering insights into how they act as transformative agents, and manifest under different contexts.