Institute of Art Design + Technology
Dún Laoghaire

Luca Ambrogioni 

BA [Hons] Visual Communication Design

Hi, I’m Luca, a graphic designer who believes that design is not just about creating beautiful visuals, but also about solving problems, inspiring and engaging. Having grown up in sunny South Africa and now calling Ireland my home, I draw upon and include inspiration from both halves of my life in my work. I regularly freelance and have recently had the pleasure of completing an internship at BBDO Belgium. I have a love for copywriting and am particularly interested in design for motion, identity and more recently, 3D. Once let out into the world, I hope that my work will not only captivate eyes but also touch hearts and inspire souls.

*mold – Project Description

mold is a speculative household product inspired by near-future advancements and grounded in factual research which uses tablets consisting of family-safe mould strains to decompose your, and the worlds plastic. When combining aspergillus terreus (soil mould) + engyodontium album (plant mould), the formula serves as a hyper-accelerant for plastic decomposition. This will allow people to eliminate their plastic footprint in just 120 days – as opposed to the 420 years it would take at landfill. Simply pop a tablet in your bin bag before putting it out… and voila! Your contribution will now make its way to your local landfill where the mould will eat away at any plastic in its path. Ultimately, *mold is an all-natural, bio-friendly and 100% safe response and solution to the destructive process of traditional recycling and waste management. With a world riddled in plastic, mold provides the opportunity for natural support, on an individual level as well as large scale corporate support for those worse affected by the plastic blight in developing countries.

Thesis: Our World In One Country - A visual analysis of South Africa's Tourism Under Apartheid: A Graphic Design Perspective.

Intended to analyse the complexities of South African tourism during and post-apartheid, examining how geographical locators, advertisement imagery and activism played a vital role in shaping South Africa's identity to the rest of the world. Tourism in the country was severely turbulent through the years of apartheid, with such a diverse culture of conflicting views and an extensive history of oppression and injustice. The manipulation of a vast majority of the public, domestically and internationally, was a result of years worth of diversion and masking of societal issues for the economic gain of the country. This thesis explores the shift in narrative the tourism sector of South Africa took as a result of pivotal events from the beginning of apartheid leading up to the end and beyond.