Institute of Art Design + Technology
Dún Laoghaire

Alexander Lappin Mackay 

Design for Stage + Screen

Alexander Lappin Mackay is a costume designer based in Wicklow, with a keen interest in historical costume design, construction and breakdown. He focuses on creating accurate and realistic period costumes, paying particular attention to the wear and tear that gives garments an authentic lived-in look. Alexander's interest in work spans both theatre and film and he hopes to specialise in period costuming for film.

Major Project, The Corpse Bride

For his major project, he chose The Corpse Bride by Tim Burton, choosing to construct a historically accurate garment from 1878.

Victorian Mourning Hair Jewellery 1840-1900

My thesis investigates the cultural and socio-economic consequences of Victorian mourning jewellery, with a focus on its role in expressing loss, conserving memory, and reflecting on nineteenth-century social norms. It examines how mourning jewellery served as a concrete expression of grief and remembering during the time, and focuses on the creation of hair jewellery.