Institute of Art Design + Technology
Dún Laoghaire

Moritz Kramer 

BA [Hons] Film + Television Production

Born in an ancient town in the southern Black Forest, Moritz Kramer is a German director and screenwriter. His journey brought him to Ireland where he shaped his early short films. Moritz delves into the quest for truthfulness in the abstract and incomprehensible, threading this theme through both fiction and documentaries. His focus consistently centres on the interconnected realms of nature, humanity, and everything in between.

Entzauberung einer Stadt and Éabha

Entzauberung einer Stadt (Eng. De-magic-ation of a City) is a poetic documentary by a German filmmaker living in Dublin. It is his response to the city's housing crisis, harsh weather conditions, and the humanitarian crisis intertwined within. The title shines a light on the theme of disillusionment, reflecting the filmmaker's feelings as he peels back the layers of romanticized notions to reveal a version of truth underneath.

Éabha is a short drama about Ciarán, who is on a hiking date with Michael when he suddenly experiences a regression to a previous life. He feels images of a young woman that start to intensify. While Michael is trying to understand, Ciarán goes deeper into his past life and experiences a woman’s domestic violence and a miscarriage. In the turmoil of this regression, he finds the burial place of the woman’s child and realizes: Not only has the woman lost her child, he has lost his Éabha, too.