Institute of Art Design + Technology
Dún Laoghaire

Sean Farrell 

BA [Hons] Art

Sean Farrell is a Wicklow based artist. His current work concerns psychological effects brought about by use of colour, and how colours can create a state of calm in the viewer. His paintings are totally non-representational, an exploration of painting's capacity to create harmony through colour. In 2023, he completed a study exchange at HDK Valand, Gothenburg. Sean has exhibited in: Horror Vacui, Detriti Gallery, Gothenburg (2023), Elastic Traces, Gislaved Konsthall, (2023), Energy Drinks at Midnight, Void Art Centre, Derry (2023), Open Submission Group Show, Dunamaise Art Centre, Portlaoise (2023), In the Making: Spleen, Pallas Projects/Studios, Dublin (2024).

Project Description

My work concerns how colour can affect the viewer’s mind and emotions. The paintings on paper, or “archetypes”, are the first step in the process. They provide a point of departure for further development into larger paintings. The large scale paintings use a triptych format. To my mind, the physical separation between canvases creates an interesting ambiguity. There is continuity, but also, separation.

Another interest is how one can create depth in a painting without using traditional methods of perspective. One solution I have developed is to use flat planes of colour, creating depth depending on the colours used and how the paint is applied. Some forms read as being in front or behind others. Sudden Parallels no. 2 and Fallen are a departure from the flat painted surface. I see these “constructs” as a natural progression from the 2-D works, the painted forms extending towards the viewer.