Institute of Art Design + Technology
Dún Laoghaire

Nathan Moore 

BSc [Hons] Creative Computing

My name is Nathan Moore, and I am a recent BSc Creative Computing graduate. I completed a PLC course in Bridgetown College, Wexford in Information Processing, before continuing to IADT. My major project was influenced by combining my professional and personal interests in UX design and travelling. As I move forward, I'm excited to continue exploring innovative ways to enhance user experiences.


The project's objective was to simplify group reservations, specifically for large events, within It aims to address the common challenges faced by group organisers by offering flexibility in room selection and accommodating various preferences and arrival schedules. The system features a payment structure designed to simplify financial management and also includes a feature for easily reserving hotel function spaces, which streamlines the booking process. The project is supported by a structured thesis framework and aims to enhance user experience by improving booking standards in the hospitality industry by prioritising convenience and flexibility.


This document explores the enhancement of the platform to facilitate group bookings, focusing on user experience and functionality. The goal is to develop a section within the platform that simplifies the booking process for large groups through streamlined features. The thesis was created using a user-centred design approach encompassing several stages, including initial research, design, development, and testing, and uses modern web development practices and technologies. Throughout the process, feedback was actively integrated to refine the system, with the final objective of making group bookings more accessible and efficient, thereby improving the overall user experience on the platform.