Institute of Art Design + Technology
Dún Laoghaire

Garrett Kavanagh 

BA [Hons] 3D Design Modelmaking + Digital Art

My Name is Garrett Kavanagh and this is my final project for 3D Design Modelmaking + Digital Art at IADT. I was interested in this course as I wanted to create movie props for film but as the years went by I rediscovered my passion for miniatures. I remember building and trying to paint miniatures models for table top war games when I was a child but I long forgot about it until doing this course. I wish to continue my journey into the world of miniatures as there is always more to learn and explore. I am truly grateful for this course and to all the lecturers who helped me obtain all the skills and knowledge needed to complete it.

City of Ashes.

My main project is a 1:28 scaled miniature-modeled building/diorama to be used in a title sequence for an apocalyptic or war-torn-themed motion picture or television program. I also created a 1:20 scaled bedroom for the same purpose. The design of my main model takes inspiration from buildings seen in New York, combined with some elements from Irish architecture. The idea I had for the setting of this world was a devastating war that had taken place 10 years ago leaving only 30% of the world population alive. There is no government or order, just survival by any means. All the cities are ruins and are slowly being taken back by nature and wildlife. For the final part of my project I filmed the two models and created a title sequence featuring them both.

Physical & Digital Workmanship in Fantasy Neo-Medieval Miniatures for Film.

My thesis is an exploration of the physical & digital workmanship in fantasy Neo-medieval miniatures for film. My aim for this thesis was to further my understanding of these subjects and find a connection that could link all three together. In doing so I have discovered that workmanship plays a crucial role in both the physical and digital world, either in the intricate details carved into the entrances of cathedrals or the use of 3D software to create a 3D render of a castle as a visual effect in a film. It’s a combination of skill, knowledge and quality work that can only be achieved through dedication and commitment. Good workmanship is seen in the end result, showcasing the care and effort that was put in to produce a high-quality product. All three areas that I have covered in my thesis also have another connection, the film industry. The principles of workmanship that are required as a VFX artist are also needed as a model maker when creating miniature models as a practical effect on screen. The film industry takes inspiration from Neo-medieval architecture for fantasy movies as a physical miniature model or a 3D rendition. The use of CGI and 3d printers as a tool to captivate the audience and maintain immersion are all tools that can be implicated for the film industry.