Institute of Art Design + Technology
Dún Laoghaire

David Doyle 

BA [Hons] Animation

David is a 2D animator based in Wexford with an huge interest in world building, character design and character animation. While directing his short film Out Of The Woods he took on many rolls such as, Storyboarding, Character design, Animating, Editing and Compositing. As well as creating promotional illustrations and designs for posters, prints and stickers. This allowed for him to express his interest in creating a mysterious story with characters that feel like they're a part of a larger world.

Out Of The Woods!

Out Of The Woods is an animated short film that I set out to create a sense of intrigue and mystery. My goal was to create a short that seemed like a snippet from a larger feature film or series through the experience of two characters, Butch and Percy. Butch being a large steam powered dragon guy, and Percy a small little owl fella. They seem trapped in a large, dark, otherworldly forest with a mysterious portal as they're only means of escape. However, after stealing a powerful crystal from a large beast, time is of the essence when it catches up to confront them.

Superweapons As Plot Devices In Film

I researched and wrote my thesis on the topic of superweapons and their use in storytelling and world building in media. Specifically how they are utilised as a type of MacGuffin creating a point of interest which motivates characters and influences the world building within a story. Superweapons also create a sense of intrigue and mystery that a classic MacGuffin usually isn't intended for which is what separates it from other plot devices as it's own plot device. Superweapons are also just really cool and can be used in such a diverse way to explore themes and settings :)