Institute of Art Design + Technology
Dún Laoghaire

Max Mori Bley 

BA [Hons] 3D Design Modelmaking + Digital Art

Max Mori Bley, born in 1988 in Kiel, Germany, and raised in Dublin, Ireland, quickly adopted local mannerisms to fit in and avoid trouble, developing a strong Northside accent. As a child, forbidden from watching TV, he delved into art forms like Lego and painting, honing skills that shaped his creative career. Max's artistic journey includes model making for notable figures like filmmaker Micheal Higgins and Lankum's Ian Lynch, along with directing acclaimed music videos for his band, A Clatter and Drone. He resides happily in Phibsboro, Dublin, which he considers the center of the universe. And yes, he holds a full Irish driving license—Broom Broom!

Mouse Guard : A Hero's Quest

Max Mori Bley's final year project is an intricate multimedia model inspired by David Peterson's Mouse Guard comic. The centerpiece of this project features a character named Liam, inspired by the artist's brother, wielding a sword and navigating mouse skulls in a weathered stone ruin. This endeavour serves as an immersive exploration of silicone moulding, hair-punching, chainmail crafting, sculpting, and other model-making techniques, driven by a deep admiration for the Mouse Guard series.

The completed model will be publicly exhibited at IADT during the end-of-year graduation show. It will be showcased on an elevated display, ensuring optimal viewing comfort for attendees.

Additionally, Max plans to release a full-length video tutorial documenting the creation process on social media throughout the year. This video will provide insights into the techniques used and showcase the craftsmanship behind the Mouse Guard-inspired model, offering a detailed look at its creation.