Institute of Art Design + Technology
Dún Laoghaire

Cúan Ó Nualláin 

Project Description

This project takes a piece of electronic music and attempts to recontextualise and reimagine the composition using experimental recordings of acoustic instruments.

Recontextualising an electronic piece with the use of acoustic instrument recordings

This project explores a particular electronic piece, reimagining its composition through the use of experimental recordings of acoustic instruments. Influences from the structures and timbres of traditional acoustic music are common in various electronic genres. "Floating Points," an artist whose work has inspired this study, exemplifies this trend. This project seeks to invert this concept, using electronic music as a guide for producing an acoustic piece. It outlines the challenges encountered while recording in a professional studio, especially with post-production constraints, and offers solutions. Furthermore, it demonstrates the concept's validity and the potential benefits it can bring to the production process.