Institute of Art Design + Technology
Dún Laoghaire

Bella Quinn 

BA [Hons] Animation

Below is a selection of work from my final year in IADT. I directed my grad film My Sister’s Nature, and was heavily involved with all stages of production. My expertise lies in background painting, visual development, production management and illustration. With a passion for storytelling, my work resonates through my ability to create compelling visual narratives.

My Sister's Nature

On a quiet farm, identical twin sisters are inseparable. When one is lured into a forest by a mysterious force and starts turning into a dog, the other faces a tough decision: follow the darkness to stay with her sister or let her go.
As the transformation progresses, she must make a decision that will determine both their futures.

Food, Fear and Fairy Tales; An Analysis of the Themes of Consumption and Personal Identity in Coraline (2009)

This thesis explores the themes of consumption and personal identity in Henry Selick's 2009 film adaptation of Coraline, using literary analysis, film studies, and cultural theory. It contextualizes the story within fairy tale traditions, examining motifs such as cannibalism and the devouring mother archetype in tales like Hansel and Gretel and Little Red Riding Hood.

The thesis then delves into the role of food in the film, contrasting Coraline's interactions with her real mother and the Other Mother. It demonstrates how the Other Mother's lavish feasts act as a lure to manipulate Coraline, while her rejection of this seduction signifies her assertion of personal agency and identity.

Finally, the thesis examines the symbolic architecture of the Pink Palace, arguing that it functions as a metaphorical digestive system. This analysis emphasizes Coraline's journey of self-discovery and resistance against the Beldam's attempts at control and consumption.