Institute of Art Design + Technology
Dún Laoghaire

Bodb Redden 

BA [Hons] Animation

Bodb is a Wicklow-based animator with a passion for character design. They enjoy worldbuilding, storytelling, and creating too many characters.

The Promise

The Promise is a 2D animated short film about grief and moving forward with the help of finding new love. When an adventuring paladin loses his daughter, his world turns dark and filled with static. Years later, this now hardened and gruffer man rescues a young tiefling from her kidnappers and they set off on a journey to bring her home. Throughout this journey, they grow closer and begin to enjoy each others company. Disaster strikes when the young tiefling girl is brought back home and finds her family home has burnt down. Now, the paladin and the tiefling are not only bonded by their time spent together, but through a shared grief for their family. Through this newfound family dynamic, light is brought back into both their lives. Grief never goes away, but new love help you move forward. The limited animation is purposeful in framing the narrative in a style that evokes a storybook feel.

Exploring the Synergy of Visual Design and Narrative: A Case Study of Character Design in Genshin Impact

This thesis delves into the intricate visual storytelling techniques utilised in Genshin Impact, a widely acclaimed open-world action RPG. Focusing on the game's character design, particularly the portrayal of key figures known as ‘Archons,’ the study examines how colour symbolism, cultural motifs, and narrative depth intersect to create a rich and immersive gaming experience. Through a multidisciplinary approach drawing on colour theory, cultural studies, and narrative design principles, the research explores the nuanced ways in which visual elements contribute to character development, thematic resonance, and player engagement. By analyzing the use of colour, costume design, and cultural references in character representation, the thesis elucidates how Genshin Impact employs visual storytelling to evoke emotional responses, convey complex character traits, and reinforce narrative themes. The study highlights the significance of these visual techniques in crafting a cohesive and compelling narrative world, where every aspect of character design serves to enrich the player's experience and deepen their connection to the game's lore. Ultimately, this research aims to deepen our understanding of the artistic and narrative strategies employed in Genshin Impact's character design, shedding light on the creative processes that underpin the game's success and enduring appeal in the gaming industry. Through a comprehensive analysis of visual storytelling in Genshin Impact, this thesis offers valuable insights into the role of aesthetics and narrative cohesion in shaping player immersion and enjoyment in contemporary video games.