Institute of Art Design + Technology
Dún Laoghaire

Lorraine Ene 

BA [Hons] Art

Lorraine Ene is a multimedia visual artist based in Dublin. Her works focus on escapism and navigating her mind through different thoughts, feelings and memories. The romanticisation of people, expression and humanity as well as her Romanian background is a reoccurring theme in much of her pieces. The work visually has an emphasis on form and dimension regardless of medium. Her practice is not committed to any one discipline, instead jumping from one to another depending on what she believes would best suit the project. She participated in the IADT show In the Making: Aorta at Pallas Projects 2024

Return to the Garden

Throughout fourth year, Lorraine has pivoted her practice into modern religious art with a focus on peace and bliss among humanity and nature. This project investigates what would it look like for humanity to return to the Garden of Eden. As well as exploring the magical garden of Eden, this Project also creates an emphasis on coexistence with nature and peace among man being indeed possible and something to strive for. Her process in executing this project has been to create a physical sculpture of plant life from her interpretation of the Garden of Eden built to look contemporary and striking yet inviting and living using hand painted fake flowers, plants and electrical components. The continuation of this project focuses on humanity in the gardens with a series of nude acrylic and iridescent ink paintings of various peoples roaming nature and existing peacefully in the gardens.