Institute of Art Design + Technology
Dún Laoghaire

Shauna Dowdall 

Design for Stage + Screen

Shauna Dowdall is a creative artist who specialized in Character Makeup Design. They primarily explore character design through prosthetic sculpting, molding and appliance. They have a fondness for portrait illustration through the mediums of paint and ink. Their design work collaborates realism with their love for fantasy characters and worlds. They have experience working with the the Irish National Opera, as a hair and makeup artist, working with RTE in the art department and model making department, and multiple Short Films as the hair and makeup artist. Their passion for character design has only grown stronger with this experience.

Little Snow-White

The major project of the Character Makeup Design degree involved designing characters and their surroundings of a text of our choice. I decided on Little Snow-White, written by the Brothers Grimm, 1812. Little Snow-White is the original tale of the modern day Snow-White and the seven Dwarves. The original tale explores more disturbing themes that are peculiar to be included in a children tale. These themes such as cannibalism and medieval torture intrigued me to explore the design of the characters in the text. In Little Snow-White, Snow-White is only a child and the Queen, full of jealousy of the child, disguises herself three times to attempt to kill the girl. I am fascinated with prosthetic makeup that can transform a model into another person entirely, so this text fit perfectly into the challenge of turning one person into multiple. I have always been captivated by fairytales and the underlying tones and themes throughout that children may not notice, therefore I have thoroughly enjoyed designing my own vision of the characters and the world they live in.

The Glamorization of Serial Killers in Contemporary American Screen Media, Cultural Fascination

This thesis concerns itself with the representation of serial killers in modern television and the impact it has on society. I explored three American television programs where serial killers are the focus of the shows; Ryan Murphy's Monster: the Jeffery Dahmer Story (2022), Toland Kreiger's You (2018) and David Fincher's Mindhunter (2017). This study investigates the sudden surge in American TV programs which explore the lives of serial killers. This thesis queries the modern day portrayal of serial killers as human beings, that allows an audience to resonate with the emotions of the serial killer portrayed on screen, rather than monsters who destroy lives in reality. I delve into research behind the marketing of the shows in relation to the intimate connection it can give an audience with the killer depicted. I explore the directors imposed perspective of the serial killers on screen and how that can influence a relationship between the audience and the character. This thesis investigates the response through popular media to the programs, and how the glamorization of serial killers in contemporary screen media has effected modern society.