Institute of Art Design + Technology
Dún Laoghaire

Tommy Finn 

BA [Hons] New Media Studies

Hi! My name is Tommy and I have just finished my degree in New Media Studies in IADT. My main passions are movies, filmmaking and storytelling, and here is some of the work that I have put together over my years here!

The Power of Fandom over Hollywood (FYP Video Essay)

The influence that fandom has over Hollywood today has long been a topic of interest for me and I wanted to analyse the subject through a video essay. Some of the things that are highlighted throughout are the ides of toxic fandom and participatory culture.

How much power does fandom and in particular toxic fandom, along with social media have over the stories that are told in Hollywood?

In today’s cultural society, social media gives a voice to everyone. It has become a tool for fandom to connect and to discuss interests, passions, and desires. Although it has been hailed for its benefits in terms of connection, it has also been pulled apart due to it being a platform that can be used to spread hatred and apathy.

Fandom and its relationship with social media have been used for positivity and creativity, it has also been used by many to spread hate, fanaticism, and bullying. Such practices can often have extreme consequences for people on both ends. I want to explore the effects that behaviour like this can have on people through the format and medium of a video essay.

In highlighting the affects and behaviours of fandoms online, I will be able to tell a story surrounding the toxicity of fandom today and show how much power fandom and in particular toxic fandom, and social media have over the stories that are told in Hollywood and explore its possible threat.