Institute of Art Design + Technology
Dún Laoghaire

Jan Mara 

BA [Hons] Interaction + User Experience Design

Jan is passionate about creating meaningful, accessible, and beautiful experiences with his background in Interaction and User Experience Design. His Major Project was inspired by his love for meaningful storytelling and the idea of preserving and sharing cherished memories from our loved ones.

Moments - Connect Through Memories

Moments is an app that sparks conversations and turns memories into magical experiences worth sharing. It aims to celebrate the voices of our loved ones, ensuring they are heard by generations to come. Moments also encourages intergenerational and multicultural conversations, helping communities grow closer by cherishing shared memories.

Uploading memories can be a form of catharsis, and others may find comfort in resonating with those memories. This builds empathy, creating closer-knit communities by giving locals a platform to share their cherished memories. It's a reminder that we are more than just strangers passing by; we have stories waiting to connect us.

Additionally, there will be interactive digital maps in libraries showcasing local memories during National Heritage Week and Culture Night.

Urban Planning Injustice: Exploring the 15-Minute City Concept in the Philippine Context

The video essay explores the origins and implications of the 15-Minute City concept, particularly its roots in Paris and its accessibility predominantly to wealthier residents. While it aims to reduce inequality, it often leads to gentrification, reflecting Paris's history of wealth and privilege, especially stemming from the city’s mass gentrification in the 19th century.

In contrast, Philippine cities face different challenges due to less access to urban resources compared to Western cities. The video essay questions whether implementing the 15-Minute City concept in the Philippines could be seen as a form of urban planning colonisation due to the history of the country and how it might affect cultures, communities, and economies. It suggests that for this urban strategy to be effective in the Philippines, planners should adapt the 15-Minute City concept to its communities rather than communities adapting to it.

I conducted a two-week documentation and analysis of the urban landscape in the Philippines as part of my field research, including interviews with local residents, which provided insights into how this concept might affect Philippine cities differently from their Western counterparts.