Institute of Art Design + Technology
Dún Laoghaire

Holly White 

BA [Hons] Photography

Holly White, a digital editorial fashion photographer based in Dublin. Specializing in capturing the essence of individuals, Holly collaborates with stylists, designers, makeup artists, bands, and models to craft vibrant, personality-infused imagery. Her intuitive approach and adaptability ensure each project shines. With experience spanning punk, high fashion ethereal, and conceptual styles. Holly thrives both in studio setups and on-location shoots, displaying backgrounds to accentuate clothing collections. As a final-year student, Holly's passion for dynamic, colourful storytelling that is evident in her work.

Look at me Aren't I Pretty

Working within the realm of fashion photography, I typically focus on human subjects. However, my latest project, “Look At Me, Aren’t I Pretty”, marks a departure from this norm.

In this project, I’m reimagining the traditional still life genre by integrating elements of contemporary fashion. Rather than the usual lavish table settings adorned with delectable produce, I take a more modern approach by combining designer accessories alongside natural, organic elements such as the chilli pepper, dragon fruit, clementines and green pepper.
This deliberate pairing serves as a reminder of what we now view as, a want and a need in our modern 21st century lives. While the organic matter symbolises rot and decay, the designer items stand as enduring symbols of elegance and longevity.

Through “Look At Me, Aren’t I Pretty”, I aim to highlight the new mindset around fashion, consumerism, and sustainability, prompting viewers to contemplate the lasting impact of their fashion choices in a rapidly changing world.

Fashion Advertising and the Male Gaze

In my thesis "Fashion Advertising and the Male Gaze," I delve into the intricate relationship between the male gaze and the fashion industry, with a focus on the iconic brand, Calvin Klein. Through a deep dive analysis of Calvin Klein's imagery, I brought to life how the male gaze is the main marketing strategy in their advertising campaigns, shaping societal perceptions of beauty and femininity. By examining the impact of these portrayals on women's body image, I reveal a disturbing trend: a generation of women feeling discontent with their bodies due to unrealistic standards perpetuated by fashion advertising. My thesis illuminates the urgent need for a more inclusive and empowering approach within the fashion industry