Institute of Art Design + Technology
Dún Laoghaire

Adam Nolan 

BA [Hons] Visual Communication Design

My name is Adam Nolan. I'm a designer who's passionate about creative image-making and illustration, channelling those skills into dynamic and engaging brand identities. I'm comfortable in a myriad of design fields, from editorial to screen. However, a design philosophy I keep constant through all of my projects, from research to realisation, is allowing my interests outside of design to inform my practice. I often draw on my interests in music, history, nature and film to create outputs unique to me. I'm an illustrator at heart, being accepted into Masters of Design in Illustration, an intensive one-year programme in the Glasgow School of Art, beginning September 2022.


Tapestry is the living archive of Dublin's street art. Our city's street art is routinely defaced and erased, vanishing seemingly overnight. Tapestry’s mission is to record all developments in street art pieces before they disappear. This information is housed on a living, breathing public archive, the Tapestry app. Users download the app, engage with curated walking tours, browse and upload photos to the archive. Together, we can weave Dublin's tapestry.
Tapestry aims to promote the creation and maintenance of street art across Dublin city. This is achieved through holding those who deface and erase street art accountable, cultivating a collective appreciation for street art and offering individuals the space to create and upload their own work to the archive.

A Brand New Rwanda

Through the controversial practice of nation branding, the East-African country of Rwanda is currently attempting to rebuild its national image, which was decimated in the 1994 Rwandan genocide. Informed by the theories of Frantz Fanon, my thesis argues that the primary influence on Rwanda’s identity today is its dark history of colonial oppression. I also argue that Rwanda is subject to a form of indirect colonialism in the modern day known as “neocolonialism”. These arguments are explored through an analysis of Rwandan nation branding, including but not limited to: state flags, seals and currency, the branding of RwandAir (the nation's flag-carrier airline), tourism advertising and architectural mega-projects. I presented an academic paper based on my thesis at the IADT Extended Thesis Symposium in April 2022.