Institute of Art Design + Technology
Dún Laoghaire

Eoghan Hogarty 

BSc [Hons] Creative Media Technologies

My name is Eoghan Hogarty and I have completed a BSc in Creative Media Technologies. Throughout my four years of studying at IADT, I have picked up a keen interest in electronics as shown in my final year project.

Smart Cat's Eyes

The aim of this project is to develop a system which is capable of helping road users see the road conditions at night-time and to help reduce incidents that happen due to weather conditions.

The idea behind the project is based on road conditions have a major part to play in road fatalities and I would like to try prevent this.

The project will use the following technologies, LEDs, Arduino, LDR, a solar panel and a AM2320 temperature humidity sensor.

Smart Cat's Eye

The smart cat’s eye is being designed to be able to provide road users with more safety, this will be done by equipping the smart cats eye with multiple colour LEDs. The Colours will be Green for when the road conditions are dry, Yellow/Amber for when the road conditions are moist and may have less grip, Red for when the roads are very wet, and likelihood of aquaplaning are high and finally the LEDs will glow Blue when the roads are icy.