Institute of Art Design + Technology
Dún Laoghaire

Mateus Bettio Moreira 

MSc User Experience Design

Hey! I'm a UX Designer/Engineer based in Ireland. I'm passionate about solving problems in a human and ethical way. I bridge the gap between design and development through collaborative efforts and bring solutions to the next level. My core skills are user-centered design, game design, accessibility, front-end development and interface/interaction design.

Project Description

Have you ever caught yourself mindlessly scrolling through social media way longer than you have intended? Or reach out to your phone in every opportunity you get? You are not alone. Social media was built using mechanics designed to extract the maximum amount of engagement possible from their users. Those mechanics rely on techniques that exploit our brain vulnerabilities that was made to thrive in a completely different environment than the one we live in today. This project was created to research how technology is manipulating users, and using design thinking, propose a solution to the problem defined.

An evolutionary mismatch: designing resistance against the exploitation of our primitive minds by technology

Persuasion profiling, false experts, addictive mechanics, fear-inducing and emotional narratives, the average internet user is
constantly bombarded with features and content designed to persuade, manipulate or exploit our minds that are still in the process of adapting to our ever advancing technological environment. This project seeks to design a solution to that problem and help users foster human-centered relationships with technology.