Institute of Art Design + Technology
Dún Laoghaire

Craig Redmond 

BSc [Hons] Creative Computing

Hello, I'm Craig Redmond. I am a student from Dublin who studied Creative Computing. I am a hard-working student with a keen interest in the areas of web design/development and software engineering. I have gained experience and enjoy working on full-stack applications for both web and mobile apps. I am friendly and dedicated to my work tasks and complete them with the utmost quality and efficiency. I can work as part of a team and work on my own initiative. I enjoy working and learning new technologies and challenging myself to improve my skillset while developing new skills constantly. Below you can find my contact details and LinkedIn.

Project Description

FundNest is a financial management mobile application that implements open banking solutions. The app allows users to link multiple accounts from one or more financial institutions to the application, analyze their income and expenditure from each account, set up and personalize custom saving goals, and track bills and subscriptions that need to be paid. One key purpose of this application is to act as a tool for users to manage their finances, with an easy-to-use interface and a positive user experience for its users. The final application is built using the MERN stack, with the frontend (mobile app) developed using React Native, the database is hosted on MongoDB and the backend/server which is an Express/NodeJS application is hosted on Heroku. The Nordigen API is used to access account data and transaction categorization.

FundNest - A mobile application with open banking solutions to assist financial management

In my thesis, I research the area of user experience within mobile banking applications. The research delves into the history of E-banking and techniques that can be used to enhance the user experience within these types of applications such as gamification and personalization. I then explored the topics of user experience design (UXD), user experience within mobile and banking applications, as well as the struggle that can be found in balancing security with a positive user experience.