Institute of Art Design + Technology
Dún Laoghaire

Luka Rice 

BA [Hons] Animation


Growing up I was interested in anything I could get my hands on; musical instruments, videogames, building mad cardboard contraptions --I could not be stopped. During my time at IADT I got the chance to explore the workflow of 3D projects for both games and for film. I found a nostalgic passion in creating characters, worlds, and bringing them to life through animation. I enjoy integrating technical optimisation into my projects. I'd love to work within the realm of film or games and continue to challenge myself in the process. In short, I'm Luka --and I do 3D.

Specialising in 3D

My project initially started as a short film and it continued as one through Minor and Major Production modules. For the last module, I decided to specialise and use my skills to create a diverse body of work in both my own projects and other grad films.

I did some rigid body physics simulations, environment creation and camera movements in 3D for the use in a 2D film.

Environmental Storytelling in Games and Film

My thesis explored the topic of environmental storytelling within games and the origins within cinema - how the use of it can sell a world as larger and imply a longer axis of time - and how it can give the player more agency in the storytelling itself.

Chapter one explored environmental storytelling - an explanation of what it is, the origins of it and how it relates to the narratology vs ludology debates of the early 2000's.

Chapter two talked about the psychology behind immersion in storytelling, going into detail about psychological rewards, level design and the use of sound and lighting.

Chapter three was a case study of Elden Ring (fromsoftware, 2022) using my previous chapters as a basis.