Institute of Art Design + Technology
Dún Laoghaire

Alanta Grigaliunaite 

BA [Hons] Art

Alanta Grigaliunaite is an artist currently based in Wexford. She works with a combination of materials, such as household objects, metal and ceramics, to create friction and sound. In 2020 Alanta took part in the Erasmus exchange program in University of the Arts Helsinki which led to a group exhibition in Tasku Gallery Tuntemattomat/ Stranger in 2020. Alanta has also exhibited in a group show in Gorey School of Art in 2019 and the IADT campus exhibition Propositions in 2022.

Project Description

My project involves the use of materials and friction to create soft and harsh sounds, often through a combination of multiple motors. I am interested in exploring how these sounds could either create an atmosphere of peace and or alternative a produce a sense of tension. My work is informed by research into binaural beats, which are a perception of sound created by the human brain. When listening to two tones, each at a different frequency, each in a different ear, the brain creates an additional tone. This third tone is called a binaural beat. Academic research suggests that binaural beats might have the potential to reduce anxiety, stress and improve concentration. In works such as Frequency, I use the friction between objects with different surfaces textures to create motorized sculptures that create distinct sounds similar to white noise to reduce anxiety and stress.