Institute of Art Design + Technology
Dún Laoghaire

Mehran Davoodi 

MA 3D Animation

I'm a lighting artist based in Vancouver, Canada, with a few years of experience in the animation and VFX industry. I studied computer animation at Sheridan College in Toronto and had the opportunity to work on my master's project at IADT.


Mithra Lighting Toolbox aims to help lighting artists in the VFX and animation industry to be able to manage complex lighting scenarios with more ease and efficiency. The toolbox has a powerful module for creating and editing thousands of lights in a matter of seconds. It also provides artists with the necessary tools to adjust those lights together or individually. Those adjustments can range from changing the colour or intensity of the lights to adding complex animations that would involve multiple attributes of lights. In addition to that, there is a library of effects that can be applied to collections of lights. These effects are node-based and non-destructive, meaning that they can be enabled or disabled at any time without changing the original attributes of the lights they were assigned to. Furthermore, artists can sequence different effects using the sequencer module to create more complex animations for lights. I designed this toolbox with the USD workflow in mind, which makes it possible for the toolbox to be expanded to other digital content creation packages as well.