Institute of Art Design + Technology
Dún Laoghaire

Molly Lynch 

BA [Hons] Character MakeUp Design

My name is Molly Lynch. I specialise in Character Make-up Design on IADT’s BA in Design for Stage and Screen. I have worked on multiple productions and short films, both on a professional and student level. I became interested in make-up at a very young age and was adamant to turn my hobby into a career so I can do what I love everyday and be surrounded by creative minds. This course has helped me develop my skill and has offered me how to manage projects through innovative thinking and creative problem solving.

The Little Mermaid, My Major Project, in collaboration with Bebhinn O’Reilly

In this fairy tale, a short story with fantastic characters and events, the main character, The Little Mermaid, lives a royal life under the sea but constantly thinks of the world above. When she goes to the surface for the first time at fifteen, the land dwellers on a ship captivate her, especially the prince whom she saves from drowning. Finding the embodiment of her love and longing, she discovers a way to join her beloved on land and, despite the risks, pays a terrible price. She quickly befriends the prince. After the prince marries another woman, the story closes with the little mermaid throwing herself into the water, becoming seafoam, and discovering that she may earn a mortal soul through good deeds yet to come.

This project was done in collaboration with Bebhinn O’Reilly.

Art as Cultural Capital In The Promotion of Luxury Brands: Gucci and Louboutin , The use of art in advertising

Throughout my dissertation I aim to evaluate why luxury brands employ art throughout their advertising campaigns. I will examine Jukka Gronow’s study on taste and style which will aid me to understand the mentality behind why people put themselves under pressure to purchase expensive luxury products. I will also examine Pierre Bourdieu’s theory of cultural capital to discuss how our upbringing influences the decisions we make, especially around the purchase of luxury goods.

Once I have established my understanding of both Gronow’s and Bourdieu’s theories, I aim to discover how the involvement of art throughout advertising campaigns influences the sale of luxury products and whether the brands involvement within the art world benefits their image and reputation. I plan to do this by studying two luxury brands of my choice, Gucci and Louboutin.

I will briefly discuss the history of my two chosen luxury brands and why I have chosen them. I will then quickly move onto studying two collections produced by both Gucci and Louboutin which include art throughout their advertising campaigns and highlight how the involvement of art has benefitted each brand