Institute of Art Design + Technology
Dún Laoghaire

Jennifer Fogarty 

BA [Hons] Production Design

My name is Jennifer Fogarty, a Production Design Final year student at IADT. I am from Co. Wicklow and currently based in Dublin. My personal interests include illustration, custom jewellery design and working with local youth charities as an art teacher. I own my own highly successful small business designing Jewellery. These interests have enhanced my skills in communication, planning, budget management and team leadership/co-ordination.


My major design project is a rejuvenation of Gilda, a 1940’s Film noir classic. This project focused on its re-imagination through the use of modern techniques and I aim to I achieve this by first thoroughly researching the time period and the Argentine Architectural style at the time. From this I sought to inject some classic pre-war Art Nouveau design as the buildings in the movie were certainly pre-war meaning that this would add visual flair whilst maintaining historical accuracy

Thesis: Gardens as a planned space- Utilising modern production techniques in the field of palliative healthcare.

My thesis focused primarily on the design and use of sensory gardens as a palliative care tool in dementia patients. I was drawn to this subject matter after witnessing family members afflicted with the condition. I began to consider how my knowledge and expertise could contribute to providing quality of life care, not just for my own loved ones, but for patients across Ireland. By utilising clever design cues such as certain forms of plant life with proven calming qualities and combining this with modern technologies such as virtual and augmented reality I explored how we in the field of production can have a demonstrably positive impact on those worst afflicted by neurodegenerative diseases such as dementia.