Institute of Art Design + Technology
Dún Laoghaire

Cian McCarthy 

BA [Hons] Film + Television Production

Cian is a multidisciplinary artist living in Wexford. As hearing-impaired, they use their disability to create work that is both emotive and informative. Cian's work is centered in the realm of audiovisual expression. They create ephemeral soundscapes by processing collected field recordings through analog and digital audio effects, to create a sound palette that mimics that of their personal experience with wearing hearing aids. Cian uses this soundscape as inspiration to create emotionally charged visuals that represent their inner psyche. Cian is influenced and inspired by São Paulo-based composer and producer Rodrigo Coelho and London-based director Duncan Loudon.

Feature Film Script ; The Strand

The Strand tells the story of Sunny McCarthy, a young man suffering from paranoid delusions and an intense fear of the sea (all sparked by his mother's attempt to murder him when he was a boy). Sunny lives with his dad, Arthur in ‘Grey Strand’ a small run-down fishing town on the coast of Ireland. Sunny spends most of his days either in therapy or with his best mate, Nick who is constantly coming up with overly ambitious ways to escape their grim hometown.
One night Nick finally puts one of his hair-brained plans into action when he attempts to steal from Corrigan Fletcher, an eccentric millionaire who has returned to Grey Strand – the town his family once ruled over. Nick injures himself during the robbery and calls on Sunny for help. Upon arrival at the abandoned Fletcher mansion, Sunny quickly realizes that things are not as they seem. After witnessing the death of his best friend at the hands of a strange cult led by Corrigan Fletcher, Sunny must uncover the secrets of Corrigan Fletcher and his hometown's dark past or be condemned to a waking nightmare of unrelenting horror.