Institute of Art Design + Technology
Dún Laoghaire

Emily McGee 

BA [Hons] Film + Television Production

Emily McGee has developed a holistic approach to her filmmaking practice, which is a direct result of her creative experiences in both the theatre and as an artist. With a major in Directing and minor in Producing, she has developed practical skills and found her voice as a creative professional. Her interest is in creating both drama films and experimental films; often combining the techniques and styles of both, to articulate stories and explore ideas in a unique way. It's important to her work to share female stories and experiences. Previous directorial accomplishments include short film C*nsored which premiered at the Galway Film Fleadh in 2019.

Sapling (2022)

The story of Sapling is one that I've wanted to tell for a very long time, and one that draws on a lot of my own personal experiences. During the script development and pre-production stage, I spoke with many women about their early experiences with puberty, and found that we all (myself included) had almost identical experiences. Growing up in catholic Ireland, a woman's changing body was always a "it's perfectly natural, but don't talk about it" thing. It was always hushed conversations after siblings went to bed, and dad left the room; or sometimes even just being discretely handed a book for pre-teens and never speaking about the matter again. This unfortunately universal experience felt vital to express through film, and thus start more open conversations about. It's hugely important to me as a director and an artist to create films that provoke and pave the way for change.