Institute of Art Design + Technology
Dún Laoghaire

Sadhbh Bashford Rance 

BA [Hons] Creative Music Production

I’m Sadhbh, I’m twenty four and over the past five years throughout my education I have been developing my skills in music production and sound engineering. I'm an audio creator and performer who enjoys working with people and on projects that involve others. This is evident in my chosen thesis project. I have a love for performing and in particular the creation of audio that supports and enhances narratives. I’m currently working in the events sector assembling lighting rigs and stage sets for live performances throughout the country.

Project Description

The topic of this project is Immersive Binaural Storytelling. The aim was to create binaural soundscapes which would weave throughout the stories' narratives making the storytelling more immersive for the listener.

It is an area worthy of study as it bridges current technologies with the historical art of storytelling.

The use of this 3D audio production technique gives a more real experience. Upon playback through headphones, it allows the listener to be spatially placed within the environment that they are hearing.

The process started with the recording of each individual story with the idea of getting a diverse range of storytellers to give a wide array of stories and emotions. The next stage was the production of additional audio. Lastly, a coding software was used to create the binaural aspect of the project, recreating the 3D environments that each story takes place within.