Institute of Art Design + Technology
Dún Laoghaire

Aoife Flynn Fallon 

BA [Hons] Film + Television Production

Aoife’s a Dublin based cinematographer and sound designer with work ranging from music videos to documentaries and films. She’s recently been working as a director on her own short films and documentaries. Aoife’s a focused, passionate and collaborative creator. She thrives off the ever-changing environment of a film set. Aoife’s focused on creating meaningful, lasting art by shining light on those underrepresented. She’s grown from constantly using a tape recorder as a child to graduating from the NFS with proficiency in a range of cameras including the ARRI, Blackmagic and Sony A7S, along with a strong understanding of DaVinci Resolve, Premiere Pro and Pro Tools.

The Birth of a New Gaze/Gays in Film and Television - THESIS

Aoifes thesis examines the power that visual and audio design choices in film and television have over shaping the audience's perspective and opinion on characters.
Observing LGBT+ media from the past one hundred years, noting its range of evolution from the pansy, villain, and victim stages to the modern accurate depictions.