Institute of Art Design + Technology
Dún Laoghaire

Elena Mc Laughlin 

BA [Hons] 3D Design Modelmaking + Digital Art

My name is Elena McLaughlin. I am currently in my final year at IADT studying 3D Design, Model making, & Digital Art. The reason I choose this course is the love and passion I have had since early childhood for film. I would love the opportunity to put the skills, experience and knowledge I have learnt along the way, to become a full time model maker within the film industry. During the COVID pandemic I felt out of my depth and isolated from my fellow students but now I feel it has encouraged and equipped me with skills to be more independent with my approach to life and work.


My final project is a partial silicone prop of a sleeping elf toddler "elfling". The elfling is one of the last known river elves (known for their unusual features) was found abandoned, but is later found by another kind of elf and taken in by the royal family to how raise him. The child is shown how to care for others and so the child is given a seedling to raise.
For my final IADT project I wanted to challenge myself with sculpting a humanoid as I am more comfortable sculpting animals or animal like creatures, so by choosing to create a piece out of my comfort zone I feel that I will learn more. This also included using the new materials to create the elfling prop I wanted to do a silicone peace as this is a material that all model makers must know how to work with.

Thesis “What is Taxidermy and how has it evolved from its earliest forms to the modern day?”

My thesis subject of this thesis will be about “What is Taxidermy and how has it evolved from its earliest forms to the modern day?” I have always been interested in natural history and always loved going to museums to see all the many taxidermy specimens, giving anyone the chance to see these animals up close.
My thesis was discussing how taxidermy has changed and influenced those interested in the natural world. My thesis began with the oldest form of how animals were preserved as trophies or religious statements going as far back as the early 1500s.
I then discussed the people that taxidermy has influenced from the modern hobby collectors and modern day artists how have changed to image of taxidermy with rogue taxidermy.
The conclusion of my thesis was that taxidermy has a fastening history and equally as fastening taxidermists and artist most taxidermists are compassionate Naturalists, Biologists and Artists that have great respect for animals both living and dead.