Institute of Art Design + Technology
Dún Laoghaire

Finn Moreau 

BA [Hons] Art

Finn Moreau is a Dublin based artist. He works with photography, video and audio. His work mainly focuses on the self, specifically regarding his experiences as someone who is mixed race, born and raised in Ireland. Creating work about the experiences of those of mixed heritage is done in the pursuit of representation as a nuanced understanding of this subject matter is still quite limited in Ireland. His practice also acts as a means to achieve a better understanding of himself. He has shown in IADT group shows such as New Translations (2019) at IMMA and Propositions (2022) at IADT.

นิดหน่อย A little bit

For my project I plan to continue exploring the theme of identity. My work explores my experiences as an Irish person of mixed heritage. My thoughts and feelings about my place within Ireland and Thailand have only grown more unsettled as I have grown older and interacted with people, feeling a lack of belonging in both cultures, feeling somewhat ‘other’.

The recurring impression of mixed-race individuals tends to extend to their physical appearance; how their features are a blend of their white European parent and their otherwise exotic ethnic parent. Predominantly white European countries like Ireland, while gradually increasing in diversity and knowledge relating to other countries and ethnic heritage, still lack a nuanced understanding of the mixed race experience.

To create work for this project, I travelled to Thailand in early April where I captured my experiences with my mother and extended family. I documented and explored the themes mentioned previously and utilised the different spaces and resources available to me through the use of photography, video and audio.

Representation of the Irish in Modern Culture

This thesis explores the portrayals of Irish culture in British and American media. I am currently looking at the subject of the self and identity. I am interested in media representation of specific people and whole communities as well as the social and psychological effect it has on society’s perception of said people and communities. I have become increasingly aware of my Irish heritage as well as the ways in which the Irish have been portrayed by film and television production companies, specifically from Britain and the United States, two of the most prominent countries in the world leading the industry.

This thesis starts with Britain’s dehumanising depictions of the Irish in the 1800’s to John Hinde's romantic portrayals of Ireland's countryside and culture, leading up to contemporary portrayals of Ireland seen in North American media.

The research conducted is to shed light on the story of Britain’s intention to anglify Ireland, the actions Britain took to vilify the Irish, the image of Irish culture that has long permeated society’s consciousness as well as understanding the social and psychological implications of these actions for Irish people in the modern world.