Institute of Art Design + Technology
Dún Laoghaire

Daniel Tynan 

BA [Hons] 3D Design Modelmaking + Digital Art

I have learned so much during my time at IADT and have been able to push myself beyond what I thought I could achieve. I have learned over the course of my time here that I really enjoy a wide variety of model-making applications such as sculpting, prop making, molding and casting, and digital modeling for 3D printing. Because of this, I wanted to create a project that incorporated everything I have learned so far and include my love for Norse Mythology. I look forward to the future and continuing to develop my skills!

The 9 Realms of Norse Mythology

The aim of my project was to create an exhibition piece that shows each of the 9 Realms of Norse mythology and can be walked around fully to give an engaging viewing experience.

Thesis: God of War: World Building, Narrative, and Player Experience

My thesis is about how the video game: God of War (2018) creates an emotional and engaging experience through narrative and world building. I explore both of these aspects in detail in regard to game design and how this impacts the player experience and how that, in turn, creates a unique experience in God of War. After playing through this game twice myself, I began to notice how it was distinctly different to any other game I had played before, the entire playable experience felt different to me as the audience to the game. This is when I began to delve deeper into why this may be.