Institute of Art Design + Technology
Dún Laoghaire

Lauren Coffey 

BA [Hons] New Media Studies

I have recently completed my degree in New Media Studies. I have had a keen interest in media for most of my life and am delighted to have finally reached the finish line in my undergraduate studies. Final year in NMS was really enjoyable as I got to explore many of my interests throughout my work. My final year project showcases my love for vintage fashion and the stories it can tell us about the past. I am fascinated by 1970's counterculture and wanted to explore this era in my FYP.

Final Year Project

My final year project investigates the politicisation of fashion through counterculture during the 1970's peace protests. My critical essay explores this topic from an academic perspective and offers a context for my blog. Revived Vintage is a creative expression of the topic focusing on how we wear vintage fashion today as opposed to its original intended purpose. My blog post series highlights the defining fashions of the 1970's era including the flare-cut, print/pattern, leather and disco-wear.

Rebellious Self-Expression during the Anti-War Movement: The Politicisation of Fashion Through Counterculture

The rising conflict between the US and Vietnam during late 1960s and 1970s inspired a desire for social change among American youths. Peace-protesting was steadily introduced by college students across the US in the mid-sixties in opposition to the state’s involvement in the war. These smaller protests led to the establishment of the greater Anti-War movement which has since gained recognition as a modern counterculture movement. The desire for social and political liberation among young people manifested across a variety of cultural formats, particularly in fashion. Protesters used clothing to visually symbolise their rebellion against the conservative, war-driven society of that time. My thesis investigates the politicisation of fashion through the counterculture movement, examining fashion as a direct response to the conflict in Vietnam and its contribution to the transformation of individual expression.