Institute of Art Design + Technology
Dún Laoghaire

Brian O Boyle 

BA [Hons] Animation

I'm a 22-year-old animator from Dublin. My interests lie in animating, backgrounds, 3D animation/asset building and illustration, to name a few! Pieces from my grad film "Attack of the Drinking Venusians!" and work from previous years are featured. Cinematography is another major interest, a subject which I thoroughly researched for my thesis. Storytelling - being able to present stories through the medium of the moving image is a huge passion of mine.

Attack of the Drinking Venusians from Outer Space! - 4th Year Grad. Film

As a homage to 'B-movie' cinema, this comedy short film depicts a mysterious alien abduction of a local drunk of a rural Irish town. Just when whispers of these alien visitors spreads, a menacing UFO appears over the dublin skyline. Landing in Phoenix park, crowds gather to witness what the extraterrestrials' motives really are…

The objective of this film is to present Irish culture in the fun loving and carefree way that most of us experience it, and how it spreads easily to those of different cultures.

Science-Fiction is a passion of mine, offering endless possibilities to the creative process and imaginative ways for exciting storytelling.

The inspiration for this film is from 50's 'B-movie' cinema, where absurdity and charm are at the forefront. Early 90's cartoons are of major inspiration also, celebrating the art of the cartoon.

An Analysis and Exploration of the Cinematographic Techniques of Denis Villeneuve

Blockbuster filmmaking is an art form that has, in modern times, reached a somewhat stale and repetitive stage, however, the work of Denis Villineuve stands out. Visually, his style takes from many sources, creating a new visual language that breaks the homogeneity of modern blockbusters. Villeneuve’s style both visually represents the themes of the film but also lends to create unique and awe-inspiring worlds that have a certain feel, only Villeneuve can achieve

While this thesis explores one director and his collaborators, the wider objective is to get a broader view on the mindset and approach that a director and their DPs have towards their creative process, what hurdles they must overcome and how they tell a story in a purely visual language.