Institute of Art Design + Technology
Dún Laoghaire

Elizabeth Chambers 

BA [Hons] Visual Communication Design

Hello there! My name is Elizabeth, but people call me Libby. I am a passionate multi-disciplinary designer who loves creative problem-solving. I focus my work on creating bold, clean designs with a strong message, resulting in cohesive projects that are authentic and meaningful. This philosophy enabled me to win a speculative design project for Dublin City Council. My main interest is screen design with a minor in print, but I love expanding my knowledge and experimenting with new mediums. I especially enjoy creating UX/UI, motion, branding, and information design.


Spotted enables adults to spot, assess, diagnose and seek treatment for potential learning difficulties. Spotted helps identify symptoms and showcases the benefits 
of diagnosis. It is a full-service system guiding the user through every step using interactive quizzing and focused education. It encourages users to avail of professional assessment while giving tips on embracing their specific learning difficulties and building a community of support. Spotted is funded and operated by the HSE and Enable Ireland.

MUJI; Selling Branded Anonymity

This thesis investigates the Japanese brand MUJI and its approach to a 'non branded' corporate identity. By dissecting MUJI's use of Japanese culture and traditionalism, with specific regard to customs and aesthetic values, it aims to expose how a brand that uses little to no advertising has built a successful corporate image in both the east and west. Furthermore, through a critical analysis of their products, design, and ethos, it will decipher how truly successful and impactful a company of this nature can be in both international and domestic markets.