Institute of Art Design + Technology
Dún Laoghaire

Dearbhla Hanney 

BA [Hons] Art

Dearbhla Hanney is a Dublin based artist, whose work focuses on the experiences of women in Ireland, examining how society and education have shaped how women see themselves. Working primarily through sculptural media with the addition of an audio element, she explores explores issues that have affected women of many different generations. Dearbhla’s practice includes ceramics, metal, woodwork and elements of nature. She has exhibited in the IADT student show Perceived Dimensions on the grounds of IMMA (2018), Propositions at IADT (2022) and Under the Male Gaze in Fegan’s 1924 cafe (2022).

Project Description

My project explores what it means to be a woman in Ireland, focusing on the underlying social pressures and the feelings of vulnerability often associated with womanhood. Through sculptural installations, often incorporating sound and figurative forms, I examine issues faced by women over many generations, many of which are only now being addressed. I am interested in playing with the idea of scale, to imply a range of different ages. My research includes a series of audio interviews, exploring how women see themselves, and my approach draws on my own experience as a young woman living in Ireland. I have recently been exploring methods of including audio in my work, such as the use of QR codes. Some of my works are created with plaster bandage as this material has medical associations and is used in surgical casts to assist with the healing process.