Institute of Art Design + Technology
Dún Laoghaire

Leanne Finnegan 

BA [Hons] Art

Leanne Finnegan is an Irish visual artist based in Dublin, Ireland. Her practice consists of the creation of speculative narratives and world building which aims to explore possibilities and potentialities for new ways of organizing and living within our world. The artist is interested in the spiritual and psychological consequences of the world we live in and the way in which this has affected the way we connect, desire and formulate meaning. Leanne works through creating films through 3D rendering software. She has exhibited works at New Translations (2019) IMMA, Open Submission (2020) Highlanes Gallery and Propositions (2022) IADT.

Project Description

In Field Trip, you stumble into an alternative world. In this world you are greeted by an omnipresent character which guides you through the space introducing you to the world and the different characters that exist within it. This character initiates you into a circle casting ritual which will put you on the border of time and physicality, inviting you to merge collectively and dissipate into time.

This work is influenced by the reification of capitalism and the disconnection and spiritual poverty that this lifestyle imposes. In this piece contemporary desire and purpose are considered through the lens of a pre-capitalist society. This comparison allows for speculation about a counter libido outside of the confines of capitalist and consumerist culture. The work explores the emotional and spiritual catharsis that is available to us through collectivism, movement and ritual.