Institute of Art Design + Technology
Dún Laoghaire

Jordan O Connor 

BA [Hons] Art

Jordan O’Connor is an Irish artist, based in Dublin. His practice is concerned with creating sculptural works, which generally aim to offer a light-hearted social commentary. His work is often as materially-based as it is conceptual. The materials he uses often include upcycled and found objects which have direct connections with his topics. Recently the focus of Jordan’s work has been that of Irish pub culture and he has created installations using materials typically associated with pubs. He has exhibited in group shows such as Propositions (IADT Campus, 2022) and Perceived Dimensions (IADT student exhibition at IMMA, 2018).

Project Description

For this project I have drawn inspiration from Irish pub culture in order to create a number of large sculptural works. The selection of this type of subject matter was initially made to explore the idea of the public house as a space associated with being at home and in public simultaneously. As the project developed, my focus shifted away from the space itself, and I began to explore formal aspects of items typically found in the Irish pub scene. I am especially drawn to the use of colour in my work. I am exhibiting a series of sculptural works and the common element in these works is the use of objects and materials that are often disregarded or unnoticed, but are found in abundance within a pub.