Institute of Art Design + Technology
Dún Laoghaire

Ruth Harte 

BA [Hons] Art

Ruth Harte is an Irish painter, photographer, illustrator and mixed media artist who lives and works in Wicklow. In many of her paintings, she is interested in capturing the experience of looking out a window. She also often uses viewfinders in installation works. These viewfinders are constructed in various media and used to determine and frame a specific section of the world. Her work aims to create an engaging visual environment through the line, colour, and form. She has participated in IADT student exhibitions such as New Translations in IMMA (2019) and Propositions (IADT campus, 2022).

Project Description

My project involves working with viewfinders in a range of contexts and locations. For example, I have installed site-specific viewfinders on the windows of IADT corridors. I have also developed work in response to the experience of travelling by train from home to college and back. I install a temporary viewfinder on the train window and try to capture the moving world within the frame. I also photograph what I see and these photos are used as research sources for my prints and paintings. Working in this way allows me to break down the view into smaller areas so that I can better understand the lines, forms, and colours. I am interested in drawing attention to natural and everyday environments that are often overlooked on these journeys. The act of installing the viewfinders on the train, so they are visible to other travellers, is a key part of the project.